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Pastors Biography


Pastor Henry & Co-Pastor Jacqueline Becerra are Founders and Lead Pastors of City Church International in San Antonio, Texas. They both are uniquely gifted to coach, mobilize and ignite transformation in God’s people, both in the local church and beyond its walls.mail out flyer -front concept

Pastor Henry Becerra (Market Place Entrepreneur) is a clear voice for the 21st century—one that resonates throughout our global society with the cause of Jesus and the message of His Kingdom. Pastor Becerra has a nurturing heart of an apostolic father and the veil-rending cry of a proven prophetic ministry to the nations. Pastor Becerra is one of the most dynamic voices that God is using in Christianity today. Pastor Becerra has spoken in some of the biggest and most prestigious conventions, conferences, camp-meetings, and churches throughout America and the world including Promise Keepers. At the ages of 39 and 35, they are fulfilling the roles of people who have been in the ministry for years.

Co-Pastor Jacqueline (RN) is an anointed teacher and woman of God who desires that each woman move beyond who she is today and to go beyond her wildest dreams for her life. Pastor Jacqueline oversees Leading Ladies (Woman Ministry) at City Church International, whose purpose is to connect women from all backgrounds and all generations to one another so that they can grow together in character, learn from each other, develop life strategies and enjoy fellowship. All of this is for the ultimate goal of growing into a strong, lasting relationship with God.

Pastor Henry & Co-Pastor Jacqueline Becerra have been married since 2000, and are the proud parents of son Henry L Becerra III.

Our Mission is simple Love God, Love People, Serve Others, Change the World!